IEA-ECBCS Annex 45 Energy Efficient Electric Lighting for Buildings, E3 Light

4th Expert Meeting, 5-6 September 2006
Ottawa, Canada


The fourth Expert Meeting of Annex 45 was on 5 – 6 September 2006, Ottawa Canada. The meeting was hosted by Guy Newsham and Christoph Reinhart, National Research Council Canada, Institute for Research in Construction. There were 22 participants from 9 countries.

Minutes of the Meeting (pdf file, for members only)
Action Plan, September 2006 (pdf file, for members only)

Following presentations were given:

• Overview of international lighting recommendations / Marc Fontoynont
Melatonin suppression / Wilfried Pohl
Research activities at CSTB / Mireille Jandon & Ahmad Husaunndee
Future of LEDs / Eino Tetri
Lighting level control of the office room by using computer modeling and real time environmental measurements / Jouko Pakanen.
Trends in Lighting / Peter Dehoff
Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems / Morad Atif Chairman of ECBCS
Greenlighting at LESO-PB/EPFL / Nicolas Morel
UBC Solar illumination system / Alexander Rosemann
Modern work lighting / Nils Svendenius
B1 Identifying knowledgeable people in the industry and collect information / Eino Tetri
Trends and new technologies / Wilfried Pohl

LVD induction lamp application / Yuming Chen, Amy Wang, Weide Li
LESO-PB Solar Energy & Building Physics Laboratory / Nicolas Morel
European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings / Wilfried Pohl




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