IEA-ECBCS Annex 45 Energy Efficient Electric Lighting for Buildings, E3 Light

6th Expert Meeting, 3-5 October 2007
Lyon, France


The sixth Expert Meeting of Annex 45 was on 3– 5 october 2007, Lyon (Vaulx-en-Velin), France. The meeting was hosted by Marc Fontoynont, Laboratoire des Sciences de l'Habitat, École Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'État (ENTPE).

Press Conference was arranged during the Expert Meeting. See the presentations by Halonen, Tetri, Fontoynont, Pohl and Jandon
Press Conference

Minutes of the Meeting (for members only)
Action Plan, October 2007 (for members only)

Following presentation were given:
Sulphur lamp with static bulb / Gilles Courret
• Work lighting: state of the art / Nils Svendenius
Optimal integration of day- and electric lighting by the way of non-imaging optics / Friedrich Linhart
Lighting control of the office room. Technical implementation and daylight modeling of the system / Jouko Pakanen

Review of the Status
(For members only)
Subtask A
1. A1 Introduction on lighting quality Peter Pertola
2. A2 Overview of lighting standards Marc Fontoynont
3. A2 European Case Study: standards and best practice Offices Peter Pertola
4. A2 European Case Study: standards and best practice Schools Truus de Bruin-Hordijk
5. A2 Identification of opportunities of evolution of lighting standards Lars Bylund
6. A3 Review of energy codes worldwide Marc Fontoynont
7. A3 Opportunities to update codes Peter Pertola
8. A3 Electric and Electro-Magnetic specifications Zbigniew Mantorski
9. A4 Proposals to upgrade recommendations and codes Marc Fontoynont

Subtask B
1. B1 Questionnaires results Eino Tetri
2. B3 Hybrid lighting Wilfried Pohl (Alexander Rosemann)
3. B2 LEDs and OLEDs Eino Tetri
4. B3 Lamps for suppression of Melatonin Wilfried Pohl
5. B3 New colour rendering model Nils Svendenius
6. B5 Proofing of technology information Laurent Escaffre

Subtask C Nicolas Couillaud
C1 Definition of requirements and constraints linked to the different players
C2 State of art of lighting control systems
C3 Case studies on existing and innovative lighting control strategies
C4 Impact of the whole environment concept on lighting control
C5 Commissioning process for lighting/ lighting control systems



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