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Newsletter 9 (May 2009)

Newsletter 8 (November 2008)

Newsletter 7 (May 2008)

Newsletter 6 (November 2007)

Newsletter 5 (May 2007)

Newsletter 4 (November 2006)

Newsletter 3 (May 2006)

Newsletter 2 (November 2005)

Newsletter 1 (May 2005)

Technical Reports

Lighting in schools
by Truus de Bruin-Hordijk & Ellie de Groot

On the substitution of incandescent lamps by compact fluorescent lamps: Switch on behaviour and photometric distribution
B. Roisina, M. Bodartb, A. Deneyerc, P. D’Herdtc

Performance evaluation of dimmable lighting sources with fluorescent tubes for indoor applications
Benoit Roisin, Arnaud Deneyer, Peter D’Herdt, Silvia-Maria Diga,
Christian Eugene

Optimization of lighting power consumption in offices
Benoit Roisin, Arnaud Deneyer, Peter D’Herdt, Christian Eugene

At the moment other reports are drafts and they are available only to Annex 45 participants. Draft reports can be found from the members area.

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