The Annex Workplan (september 2006) can be dowloaded from here (pdf format file)



  • Total lighting electricity production 2016 TWh of which 1066 TWh was consumed in IEA member countries (1997)
  • Carbon dioxide emissions were 1775 million tonnes, of which approximately 511 million tonnes in IEA member countries
  • Of the total electricity use, lighting electricity use ranges from 5 % to 15 % in industrialized countries, up to 86 % in developing countries.
  • Percentage of the electricity used for lighting in European buildings is 50 % in offices, 20-30 % in hospitals, 15 % in factories, 10-15 % in schools and 10 % in residential buildings

The light output from one red LED has increased 30 times per decade (blue curve), while the price has decreased to one tenth (green curve).

The Nichias's road map of luminous efficacy is
100 lm/w in 2010.


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