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EkoValo – Replacement of incandescent lamps and operations model to replace mercury lamps in outdoor lighting



The goal of the project is to increase the energy efficiency of lighting by replacing incandescent and mercury lamps by energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions.
The implementing measures of the European Commission EuP-directive (Energy using Products) will lead to the phasing out of incandescent and mercury lamps from the market. The main light source in households is incandescent lamp, which still exists over 46 million pieces. There are currently over 800 000 mercury lamp luminaries in Finland, most of which are in outdoor lighting. The implementing measures of the directive will cause significant changes in the outdoor lighting practice as the old mercury lamp fittings will have to be replaced with new technology.

During the project material is produced for a guide, which enables a consumer to switch to energy-efficient lighting. The other result is a procedure for communities/energy companies, on how to transfer from old mercury lamp lighting to new energy-efficient outdoor lighting. The aim is to give guidance for the planning and building of outdoor lighting installations in the coming transition phases.

Aalto University School of Science and technology, Lighting Unit is responsible for the project. The project consortium includes several Finnish companies and municipalities. The project is part of the Sustainable community programme (2007-2012) of Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

The project duration is 1.6.2009 - 30.12.2010.