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ENLIGHTEN - Creation of basis for educational and research networking between Europe and Nepal through
the initial collaboration in lighting
and energy technology development.


Activity 10
Opportunities offered by new lighting and energy technologies

LEDs are rapidly evolving solid-state light sources, which are expected to become a major contributor to the lighting and electrical technology in the future. This act is involved in the study on the opportunities offered by this new innovative technology, and exchange information on its use.

HUT is conducting major research in LED applications. VU has great experience in LED material science and applications. KU is actively involved in the "Light Up the World" (LUTW) work, where LEDs are a key element. The project will be working in cooperation with the LUTW to exchange knowledge and experience and to creat human resources necessary to continue the successful LUTW activities. A seminar in Lithuania on new lighting possibilities will be organized. Ways to combine the expertise of the partner universities in establishing know-how, especially in LED technologies will be considered.

Concentration will be given to initate new research direction, especially in LED-based aplications for the initiation of development of LED application-based industry in Nepal. Activities will be targeted on studying prospective LED-based lighting products to be fabricated in Nepal, and to raise awareness of Nepalese authorities and businessmen for emerging production nitches in this field.

Light Up the World(LUTW)

LUTW organization is assisting the poor people in the developing world to obtain affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly LED based home lighting powered by renewable energy sources. The LUTW has provided near permanent lighting to more than 14,000 homes in 42 different countries around the world including Nepal.

Nepal is the birth place of Light Up The World. The objective of this organization is to provide simple, reliable and economic lighting systems to the areas of the homes where it would be most useful . With the use of efficient and durable white light emitting diodes (WLED), it has been possible to lit the homes to a practical level with each household using less than two watts of electrical power. Since 2000 around 1000 homes, distributed between 20 villages in nepal have been lit using LED based lighting systems provided by the organization.