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ENLIGHTEN - Creation of basis for educational and research networking between Europe and Nepal through
the initial collaboration in lighting
and energy technology development.


Activity 5
Development of distance-learning environment

This activity will promote the development of open learning environments and modern ways of teaching and communication (videoconferencing, virtual experinemts, interactivity etc). The lecture materials on LED physics and related material science and contemporary technologies will be prepared in electronic format that could be easily accessed via Internet and other storage media of digital information.

The e-learning methods will be applied and tested in post-graduate teaching and supervising between Nepal, Finland and Lithuania. Experience gained at Vilnius University in exploitation of real experiments in remote laboratories via Internet by using free access to Remote Laboratory at Rensselaer Ploytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA, and
LAB-on-WEB at Norwegian University of Science and Technology will be shared with other participating universities.