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ENLIGHTEN - Creation of basis for educational and research networking between Europe and Nepal through
the initial collaboration in lighting
and energy technology development.


Activity 6
Creating basis for improved academic environment in Nepal

With mutual discussions between the partners, ways for improvement in the academic environment, improvement of attitudes of students in pursuing higher degree programs, and improvement in the quality of education and training through mutual linkage in context of Nepal will be identified. Ways for encouraging students for getting results of significnce and getting them published in scientific journals will be explored.

Using the network with HUT, VU, and other institutions, KU will provide, students at KU and other universities in Nepal, the information on opportunities of higher studies at HUT, VU, and other universities. Also, KU will work on providing Nepalese students with opportunity to study and perform research by enrolling in a sandwich type of higher degree program in which the students can get exposure to the European standards of higher degree education and still work on the domestic technological problem.