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ENLIGHTEN - Creation of basis for educational and research networking between Europe and Nepal through
the initial collaboration in lighting
and energy technology development.

Activity 8
Lectures and training in Nepal

Professors and research scientists from Vilnius University and Helsinki University of Technology will give lectures for students of KU, staff of KU, and people from the industries/organisations in Nepal. The objective is to upgrade and enhance the mutual knowledge in the following areas:

  • Illumination, visibility aspects of lighting, and optical engineering
  • small and medium scale energy production technology
  • Efficient energy utilization techniques

Kathmandu University currently do not offer any formal course on illumination engineering or optical engineering, except on optical communication technology. The outcome of this session will be used in designing courses on illumination and optical engineering. The outcome will also be shared with other universities in Nepal.

The first joint lecture and training session was organized at Kathmandu, Nepal on 26-27 February 2007 (programme). Professors and PhD student of Vilnius University gave presentation on LED science and technology. The aim of lecture session was to provide participants with knowledge on physics of LED, materials, technology and applications. Nepali lighting industry and organizations working in lighting and energy field were widely represented in the lecture session (certificate).

The second lecture and training session was organized at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal on 22 February 2008 (programme). Professors and PhD students of three partner Universities gave presentation in topics related to Lighting and Energy.