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ENLIGHTEN - Creation of basis for educational and research networking between Europe and Nepal through
the initial collaboration in lighting
and energy technology development.



ENLIGHTEN (Europe Nepal LIGHTing and Energy Network)
is a co-operation project between universities from Finland, Lithuania and Nepal. The project is established to create a strong network for academic co-operation in the field of lighting and energy technology development. The project partners are Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) from Finland, Vilnius University (VU) from Lithuania, and Kathmandu University (KU) from Nepal. The Co-ordinator of the project is HUT Lighting Laboratory.

ENLIGHTEN developes co-operation and networks between universities and lighting industry in Europe and Nepal. The project combines the effort of the researchers and students to examine new opportunities provided by LED technology in lighting and energy field.The project aims at developing skills
to communicate in Asia-Europe networks. The project promotes tri-lateral staff and student exchange and supervision in illumination engineering and energy technology.

ENLIGHTEN belongs to the Asia-Link Programme of the
European Commission. The project duration is 2005-2008.