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Tunnel for Road Lighting Installations

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Aalto Lighting Unit has in its use an underground tunnel for experimental road and street lighting installations. The length of the tunnel is 200 m, height 3.5 m and width 5 m. Different lamp types, e.g. HPS, metal halide, LEDs can be used in the installations. The luminance levels and luminous distribution of the installations can be altered by luminaire spacing, luminaire design, voltage regulation and filters.

The tunnel can be used for studying e.g. the effects of lighting conditions on visibility in varied road lighting conditions. As no daylight or other external light enters the tunnel the weather and lighting conditions remain constant. It is thus possible to carry out visibility tests with several observers in exactly the same conditions at any time. The tunnel can also be used for the design of road and street lighting luminaires. With the use of a CCD-based luminancephotometer, the luminous distributions of the installations can be measured in detail and fully analysed.


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