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Solar Panels for
Photovoltaic Electricity

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An innovative application for using photovoltaic in public buildig has been installed in Helsinki University extension building called "Valotalo."

There are 14 shading elements one on top of the other each including 10 pcs 50 Wp solar modules. The entire system provides 6 kW module peak power at 1000 W/m2 radiation.

The PV-modules are installed "on shelf" principle made of stainless steel ensuring high quality outlook with long lasting and easy maintenance construction. The new system has been designed and delivered by Fortums solar energy company NAPS Systems Oy.

The system includes 140 solar modules, four pcs grid-inverters, control unit, display for actual power and energy output, communication output to HUT network as well as the entire system design. All the produced energy reduces the buildings own energy consumption. Grid inverter is very sensitive to react early morning when the sunshine reach the module surface.

The display unit is installed into "net cafe" located at first floor to demonstrate the system operation. In addition the system is connected into university real estate monitoring system.


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photovoltaic panels on the soude facade of Lighthouse

inverters and safety switches


control unit

inverter switchboard

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