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Facilities of Lighting Laboratory

An extension of the Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering, which is a unique research environment with cafeteria, offices and class rooms, solar heating and electricity and other research facilities

Glass Research Room
4m x 4m x 3m room with glass walls, designed mainly for daylight research

Glass-cube measurement system
The purpose of the system is to measure the electricity production of solar panels in southern Finland and feed the produced electricity to led-luminaires inside the glass-cube

Solar Panels
14 shading elements on the south façade, each including 10 pcs 50 Wp photovoltaic modules; the entire system provides 6 kW module peak power at 1000 W/m2 radiation

Solar Heating
The thermal energy produced by a 30 m2. solar collector is used for heating the service water of the department

Thermographic Camera
Detects infrared energy and converts it into electronic signals, which are processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor

Integrating Sphere
Luminous flux and spectral power distribution measurements

Facilities for Lamp Tests
Air conditioned room for multiple measurements of lamps' electrical properties (by means of oscilloscope, wattage and voltage meters)

Measures the spectrum of different light sources and the output is exported in ASCII format files for further analysis and calculation

Goldman Perimeter
A hemisphere (diameter 60cm) for vision experiments

Dark Room
A totally dark room of 11m x 6,5m x 6m for lighting measurements with full control of external light

Light Pipe and Sulfur Lamp
A transparent cylinder (5,3m x 0,25m) with a 3M™ optical lighting film that distributes the light from a sulfur lamp uniformly along the length of pipe

Luminancephotometers: IQCam & Prometric
CCD based luminance photometers for measurement and analysis of indoor and outdor lighting

LMK luminance measuring camera
A modern mobile luminance measuring camera

Flash Meter
A precision instrument for measurement of rapidly changing illuminances, e.g. flashing lights

Tunnel for Road Lighting Installations
An underground tunnel of 200 m lenght, 3.5 m height and 5 m width for road and street lighting installations

Large Hemisphere
A hemispherical surface (diameter 1.98 m) for various visibility experiments (e.g. contrast threshold and reaction time experiments in varied lighting and viewing conditions)

Equipment used to measure the luminous intensity distributions of narrow beam lights such as car headlights, stoplights and other signal lights, at distances from 1m up to 50m

Energy Measurement and Data Aquisition Unit
Power & Current Transducer “SINEAX M 563” can be used for the measurement of the electricity consumption. Data Acquisition Unit (MX 100) is a PC-based data acquisition system.

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