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ProMetric 1400 Luminancephotometer

ProMetric 1400

The ProMetric 1400 Luminancephotometer is used for luminance measurements and analysis in indoor and outdoor lighting. The photometer consists of a peltier cooled CCD based still frame camera and a computer. Simultaneous luminance values of the whole scene are captured in a few seconds. The image consists of 250 000 pixels. The results can be saved as numerical values for later analysis.

The luminance range that can be measured with the ProMetric 1400 is from 0.005 cd/m2 to 1010 cd/m2. For road lighting measurements a program has been developed at the Lighting Laboratory, which calculates the CIE road lighting parameters from the ProMetric measurement results.

ProMetric 1400ProMetric 1400ProMetric 1400
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