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PROMILL - Promoting Illuminating
Engineering Studies, Research
and Continuing Co-operation Between Europe and China.


Activity 4
International symposia in Germany

This activity includes the organisation of two international PAL (Progress in Automobile Lighting) seminars in Germany, expanded with special sessions on project activities.

The first project meeting took place in September 2003 during the international PAL’03 seminar in Germany. PAL’03 was organised by Darmstadt University of Technology. In the Symposium there were more than 450 participants from all over the world representing industry, universities, authorities etc.

The ISAL2005 'International Symposium on Automobile Lighting' was held in Darmstadt Germany on September 27-28, 2005. The Symposium was a big success. Overall, 455 participants attended the lectures. The attendees came from 23 countries of all 5 continents and represented all important sectors of the automotive industry. They were sent by car manufactures and their OEMs, lamp manufactures, universities, privately financed Research & Development enterprises, engineering groups and public administration. The Symposium provided a large forum for the project partners to present their research to the world-wide lighting community.