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PROMILL - Promoting Illuminating
Engineering Studies, Research
and Continuing Co-operation Between Europe and China.


What is PROMILL?

PROMILL is a co-operation project between
universities from Finland, Germany and China.
The project is established to build networks in
the field of lighting education and research. The
project partners are Helsinki University of
Technology (Finland), Fudan University (China)
and Darmstadt University of Technology
(Germany). The Co-ordinator of the project is
HUT Lighting Laboratory.

PROMILL develops co-operation and networks
between universities and lighting industry in Asia
and Europe. The project aims to develop skills to
communicate in Asia-Europe networks. The
project promotes three-lateral doctoral student
exchange and supervision in illuminating

PROMILL belongs to the Asia-Link Programme
of the European Commission.
The project duration is 2003-2006