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Efficient Lighting Management Curricula for ASEAN

Project Team at Lighting Laboratory
Project Desciption

The ma in objective is to assist selected South East Asian countries (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam) in improving the energy efficiency of their lighting practices by facilitating the development of energy efficiency add-on curricula that could be integrated into a number of existing traditional higher education professional curricula for architects, civil engineers and the like.

In three subsequent phases, the project will develop, field-test and refine advanced and adapted efficient light in g curricula modules for incorporation in university degrees that correspond to the professional nee ds identified in the need assessment.

The project will be concluded with the design of an efficient light in g knowledge promotion programme adapted to the target countries and the ASEAN region. This will ensure that the project can rapidly contribute to an enhancement of the efficiency of lighting in buildings, infrastructures and public spaces across the ASEAN region.

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