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Mesopic Optimisation of Visual Efficiency

Project Results

A model for mesopic photometry was developed on the basis of the results from the vision experiments carried out in the project. The practical model is available in the form of a MATLAB module. This has been both developed and tested using data generated during the MOVE project. Inputs to this module are the relevant photopic and scotopic quantity (luminance, illuminance, etc.); the output is the corresponding mesopic quantity (luminance, illuminance etc.).

The practical (i.e. recommended) MOVE model is applicable for all three sub-tasks studied within this project, and for the general task of night-time driving, in situations where the background and target both have fairly broad spectral power distributions. This encompasses most situations that will be encountered in practice, including situations involving LED sources. It should therefore be considered for implementation by highways agencies, road lighting designers, lighting manufacturers, regulatory authorities and all other organisations and users who may be working in the mesopic domain.

The MOVE model will be integrated into international standardisation work through CIE Technical Committee TC1-58 ‘Visual Performance in the Mesopic Region’.

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