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Mesopic Optimisation of Visual Efficiency

  • Eloholma M., Halonen L. Performance based model for mesopic photometry. HUT Lighting Laboratoy, Report 35, 2005.
  • Eloholma M., Liesiö M., Halonen L, Walkey H, Goodman T, Alferdinck J, Freiding A, Bodrogi P, Várady G. Mesopic models –from brightness matching to visual performance in night-time driving: a review. Lighting, Research and Technology 2005, In Press.
  • Eloholma M., Halonen L. New Approach for the Development of Mesopic Dimensioning Scales. Proceedings of CIE Expert Symposium 2002 Temporal and Spatial Aspects of Light and Colour Perception and Measurement. Publication CIE x025:2003
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