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LED Luminaire
From semiconductor chip to controllable energy efficient lighting system

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Project Desciption

The objective is to develop Finnish expertise on designing, manufacturing and using of LED-modules. The use of modules is investigated in luminaires and the demoluminaires are used in test fields in different circumstances. LED components will replace the present light sources like incandescent, halogen and even gas discharge lamps. LED technology develops fast. The produced components will be aged technologically thus soon. This makes the luminaire manufacturers' possibility to develop new products by using LED components more difficult. In the project modular components for LEDs are developed. Different luminaire solutions can be carried out so that the changes in the components and the development of the technology do not change the structure of the luminaire. This solution makes the planning and realisation of new light fixtures possible without the special knowledge of the LED technology. In the project it is examined and developed cost-efficient and reliable joint methods of LED components. The heat transfer planning and reliability planning of modules includes heat modelling, and, if necessary, mechanics modelling. Light fixtures are done using the modules to different applications and operating conditions. The luminaires’ luminous and electrical values are measured and the light fixtures are tested in different operating conditions and with them user studies are conducted.

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