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Productive office 2005

Project Team at Lighting Laboratory
Project Partners
  • TKK, Laboratory of HVAC
  • TKK, Department of Architecture
  • TKK, Construction Economics and Management
  • TKK, Laboratory of Media Technology
  • TTL, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH), Helsinki
  • Turku Regional Institute of Occupational Health, Turku
  • Uusimaa Regional Institute of Occupational Health, Helsinki
  • TTY, Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Industrial Engineering and Management
Project Objectives

The Productive Office 2005 project approaches the questions of indoor environment and productivity with multidisciplinary thinking. All sources causing exposures to human beings in an office environment are taken into consideration. They include the thermal conditions, indoor air contaminants, lighting and acoustics. Their effects on human responses, performance and productivity will be studied, productivity being measured both at individual and group level. Several intervention studies were carried out during the project, the objectives of which were either to eliminate a negative factor affecting well-being, performance and productivity in the indoor environment or enhance a positive factor. The project included also laboratory studies in the fields of lighting and acoustics. The visual characteristics of display units and the effects of artificial light and daylight on productivity were assessed.

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