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SolarLED -LED lighting based on solar electricity - supply model for energy-efficient and sustainable lighting



LED technology is developing rapidly and it brings possibilities for innovative and energy-efficient solutions for building and outdoor lighting. LED lighting combined with solar panels provide cost-efficient systems and can be used in various applications. The objective of SolarLED project is to identify energy-efficient and good quality LED lighting technologies and to promote their use and integration in building systems. The objective is to promote the use of solar power as the source of electricity for lighting.

A model for supply and use for lighting will be developed which utilises the new lighting and solar electricity technologies and which takes into account the possibilities provided by the new lighting recommendations and guidelines. The project will develop tools for the design, construction and maintenance of lighting when new innovative lighting solutions are used. A method will be developed for evaluating the steps towards energy savings of lighting in the long term. The use of high efficiency light sources and more effective use of lighting will decrease the electricity consumption by lighting and the pollutional load for the environment. The use of solar electricity for lighting supports the EU energy policy targets of renewable energy.

TKK Lighting Unit is responsible for the project. The project consortium includes 22 Finnish companies and municipalities. The project is part of the Sustainable community programme (2007-2012)of Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

The project duration is 1.1.2009 - 30.6.2011.