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Vapaita diplomityöpaikkoja

(released 12.01.2009)

Master Thesis on BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF LIGHT at TKK Lighting Laboratory:

The discovery of the novel third photoreceptor on human retina, intrinsically photoreceptive retinal ganglion cell ipRGC, has given rise to huge possibilities and new understanding for both circadian biology and lighting engineering. Being a new area of research especially for the illuminating engineering community, there is yet much to be solved in order to understand the mechanisms of the circadian effects of light and their possible implications for designing healthier living and working environments. The research work at TKK Lighting Laboratory on the biological effects of light begun in 2005 and the work in this area has been continuously expanding ever since.

Lighting Laboratory offers possibility to conduct your Master Thesis on this topic.

For more information contact Prof Liisa Halonen.

Diplomitöitä LED-valaistuksesta

LEDien käyttö valaistuksessa lisääntyy nopeasti. Aiheesta on useita diplomityöaiheita. Jos olet kiinnostunut, ota yhteyttä prof Liisa Haloseen tai TkT Eino Tetriin



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